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Welbe is the brainchild of Steph Weibring, designer, brand expert, and mother of three. One of those three happens to be her daughter Marlie, who also happens to be the inspiration behind Welbe.

When Marlie started getting into bath and beauty products — from bath bombs to lip gloss, to eventually needing her own face wash — Steph saw a gap in the market. Where were the non-baby bath products that didn’t have gross, toxic ingredients? Where was the lip gloss that didn’t make Marlie look like she’s 47? Why is the same brand of face wash that Steph used as a teenager TWO DECADES AGO (hey, age is just a number) still a thing? There was an obvious, massive hole in the market, and one that Steph simply wasn’t okay with accepting. And because she is an extraordinary wizardess, Welbe was born. 

Welbe provides safe, clean, non-toxic skincare, and hygiene products for pre-teens and teens. From morning to night, head to toe, we want to give the next generation better beauty options.

Every bit of Welbe exists to change the way you look at beauty. What it is, what it does, what to do with it. Because without confidence and the belief that we’re more than just our outward appearance, the products we use and teach our children to use are just products and the integrity of the ingredients doesn’t matter. We want you to know that you matter, and you are more than just your outward appearance. That is a beautiful thing. 

So in essence, Welbe is for Marlie. And Welbe is for every single girl and boy who needs to hear over and over that they are worthy, seen...and beautiful. Beauty that shines from the inside out.

Welcome to Welbe, friend. We’re so happy we’re in this together.